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The Petosa accordion is perfect. AccordionLab helped me in every possible with getting the accordion I aways wanted. They are very knowledgeable. You can't do better than AccordionLab 

John S. (Pennsylvania)  


Hey, I just want to say thank you for this beautiful accordion.  It has some of the richest sounds I've ever heard.  Thanks for the accordion knowledge and great doing business with you.  Matt V. :) 

 Matt V. (Illinois)

Comment by one of our happy customers:

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(6/30/05 12:52 am)
Re: There are a few really good brands out there-
I'd just like to say that I appreciate all of your guys input. I received my accordion ( www.acclab.com/accordionl...0bass.htm ) 2 days ago and I am very satisfied. The sound is more beautiful than I expected, and I really love the feel of it. I am practicing the bass section and doing pretty well for my 2nd day of playing...... :p

I hope that in the future I will have a couple more accordions (although it won't be in the near future!).  I can think of few places I would deal with.  The ONLY two places I could possibly recommend to anyone is AccordionLab and MusicMagic.  

Jeffery C. (Arizona)

Received my Scandalli in excellent shape.  I am extremely elated that the instrument is beautiful...like new...and is exactly as was shown and described, and even more.  Have completely checked it out feel I got a bargain; exactly what I was looking for all these years.  Played it the whole afternoon the first day. Rest assured AccordionLab will be highly recommended to all enthusiasts here in Hawaii. "Mahalo nui loa"! for all your help and excellent service.  Will remember you when playing it on the beach for family and friends!

Tag. A. (Hawaii)

I want to thank you for once again ... and I am very happy with the accordion and I appreciate all that you have done for me as a customer. 

John S. (New Jersey)

Everything was just as scheduled and as promised. Accordion is great. Played it for 2 hrs. first day. Thanks Again, I would recommend you to anyone interested in Accordions.

Glenn L.  (Florida)

The new LMMM musette accordian arrived. The tone is just what I was looking for, and the accordian plays like a dream. Thank you so much. I particularly like the very light touch, and the positive action of the switches.

Mylash A. (Tennessee)

The Monarch arrived and it is beautiful. Thank you very much for all your assistance and help. I shall enjoy it for many years come.

Gary W. (Colorado)

I like this Crown accordion. It is a beautiful instrument.  it has wonderful sounds and feels great to the touch. Everything is in perfect working order. Also the price was completely fair for an instrument of this quality.

Bonnie H. (Illinois)

Product better than expected. Fast service. Highly recommend

Carlo I. (Arizona)

Best eBay transaction ever-PERFECT in every way! I'm infinitely pleased! Thanks!

Sean K. (Delaware)

Very professional - unusually thoughtful - I highly recommend

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