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Button Accordion, 5-row, B-System, New. Musette Tuning with Very Sweet and Mellow Sounds 

Lightweight CHROMATIC accordion with powerful musette sound! 2 sets of treble reeds (MM) and 4 sets of bass reeds. 3 treble switches. Reduced size with abbreviated 60 bass stradella system. Produced by prestigious manufacturer with half-century history for professional accordion players.


  • 62 treble mother of pearl buttons, 5 rows, and 60 bass buttons
  • 37 treble notes from Low G to High G
  • High quality 2 sets of treble (MM) and 4 sets of bass reeds
  • All reeds made in Italy
  • Very sweet and mellow musette tuning (20 cents difference between the MM reeds)
  • 3 treble switches 
  • Hard case and shoulder straps are included
  • Size: 13" X 14.5" X 7.5"
  • Weighs 14 lb without the case
  • Color in red only


We carry a LIFE TIME (officially 3-year) limited transferable labor and parts warranty

Buyer Pays $69.99 shipping with full insurance for lower 48 states.


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