Cotati is the brand for our custom-built accordions by the ISO-9001 certified manufacturer with half-century history.   All Cotati accordions are hand-assembled and fine-tuned instruments with superior quality hand-finished reeds, responsive keys/buttons, triple-reinforced bellows, and seasoned wood frame with powerful resonance.  Every accordion is professionally checked and tuned before shipping to our customers (no more tuning on arrival), and all come with ergonomic straps and carry hard case and transferable three-year parts and labor warranty.  

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Comment by one of our happy customers:

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(6/30/05 12:52 am)
Re: There are a few really good brands out there-
I'd just like to say that I appreciate all of your guys input. I received my accordion ( www.acclab.com/accordionl...0bass.htm ) 2 days ago and I am very satisfied. The sound is more beautiful than I expected, and I really love the feel of it. I am practicing the bass section and doing pretty well for my 2nd day of playing...... :p