PhotoScore Professional
Optical Score Recognition for Mac & Windows
Neuratron PhotoScore Professional 2 is the advanced version of the PhotoScore Lite scanning program which is included with Sibelius.
Once the music is read, you can edit or transpose the score in Sibelius, play it back, extract parts and print - just as if you'd inputted it yourself.
PhotoScore Professional 2 features greatly improved text recognition, using special technology licensed from one of the world's leading OCR companies. Fingerings, chord symbols, bold and italic are all now detected. Rhythm detection is also improved - e.g. triplets are read even when there is no number 3 written.
PhotoScore Professional 2 is the most advanced software package of its kind. Capable of reading thirty-two staves of music per page, two polyphonic voices per stave, as many as eight different types of clef, seven different kinds of accidentals, and articulation marks like staccato, tenuto, hairpins, and fermatas (pauses).
PhotoScore Professional 2 even reads text such as dynamics, which is included in your score for editing in Sibelius.