Pro. Padded Accordion FULL SIZE Bass Strap - Genuine Leather, NEW

More than half of the power of your accordion comes from the bass strap.  You know the difference if you ever played an accordion with a good quality bass strap that makes your multiple-hour practice and performance  much more enjoyable.
Get the AccordionLab's Award-Winning Newly Designed Leather Bass Strap - Heavily Padded, Cozy, and Very Comfortable. Or, upgrade to a Premium Professional Bass Strap
Don't Let Your Old Mis-Shaped Bass Strap Make You Down!

Sizes are available as follows:

  • Small: Length 16 1/4", Width: 2 1/4" (SOLD OUT)
  • Medium 1: Length 18 1/2", Width: 2 1/4"  (SOLD OUT)
  • Medium 2: Length 20 1/4", Width: 2 1/4"  (SOLD OUT)
  • Large: Length 21 1/2", Width: 2 1/2"

All of the 4 sizes bass straps have standard 1 3/4" width for the two ends (narrow parts). The bass strap has a standard 10-24 adjusting screw on the end. Most accordions bass straps are fastened by wood screws on another end. If your accordion bass strap has some hardware (a hook) on the end, the hardware has to be taken off and installed on the new bass strap by rivets that are available for free by request.

If the item is on ebay auction listing, the final bidding price is for the small size bass strap. Add $2.00 for the Middle1 size, $3.00 for the Middle2 size and $6.00 for the large size respectively.

Price: Small: $23.99, Middle1: $25.99,  Middle2: $26.99,  Large $29.99. Buyer Pays $6.99 shipping and handling fees for lower 48 states.


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