Excelsior Mod 960 Gold Accordion/Accordian, NEW

The graceful design, the flawless construction, the painstaking craftsmanship, and the exquisite tone will satisfy the most demanding players and make this Excelsior classic model the dream accordion and top choicefor all professionals.


Delivery: 2-8 weeks, depending on configuration

The customer is also entitled to upgrade the Excelsior Mod 960 Gold to include a factory-installed Sennheiser MT04 microphone system (3+1) and Excelsior MidiVox with all accessories shown in the next picture installed at a deep discounted price of $1,295. Or, the customer may choose to include a factory-installed Senheiser MT04 microphone system (3+1) and MusicTech KingMajor MIDI interface/controller at the same cost - $1,295.

Please note that the price is for the Excelsior Mod 960 Gold acoustic accordion only. Microphone and Midi system is optional and cost extra.

3-year transferable partial part and labor warranty served by two locations in Westcoast and Midwest area at no additional cost.