Sound Sections
The XM200 is divided into 5 sound sections and with a total polyphony of 64
notes and ensures the total control of your music at any time. It is possible to play up to 3 sound sections with the right hand: POLY 1, POLY 2, and ACCORDION. The POLY 2 section can also be played with the left hand together with LEFT section. A BASS section, for manual or pedal bass, is also available. POLY 1, POLY 2, and BASS sections have real time Octave Shift control.
All sections have access to 128 GM sounds plus 168 variations by using the USER SOUND feature.

Unique Accordion Sounds
ORLA has developed for this instrument a very special selection of Sampled Accordion Sounds with a choice of 40 different voices. Special attention has been paid to the accuracy of sampling and tuning so that for each accordion type the reed sets is distinct to the discerning ear. Also available in this selection are Accordion Bass and Chords tones.

Auto Set-Up Left Volume
The Auto Set-Up features calls up appropriate sounds and tempo for each style.
The LEFT VOLUME feature allows to set the Left sections of the module to a constant Volume level.

Style Selections
The 60 internal styles give a selection of modern styles but also a wide choice of more traditional styles. Each rhythm has three Variations together with excellent Intros and Endings. Each part of the Auto accompaniment has its own Volume control.

Digital Effects
Three different Digital Effects are available in real time on the panel: 12 different Reverb settings, 5 Enhancer effects and 12 different Chorus types are also available