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Hohner Cajun, HA-114, K of C with A New Hard Case,  Excellent 

Hohner's German-style 114, the preferred model for Cajun music, with an individual register stop for each set of treble reeds.


  • Made in Germany
  • Key of C, one row, 10 treble buttons and 2 bass spoon keys, 4 stops.
  • 4 sets of treble reeds
  • Genuine leather straps for hand, bellows, and thumb
  • Size: 6" deep by 11" high
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs


  • Excellent conditions with very bright, mellow, and sweet voices.
  • Mechanically and acoustically perfect. Every note, reed, key, button works perfectly.
  • Flat and soft leather strips for reeds.
  • Flat and fast keyboard. No sticking key.
  • Tight bellows. No leaking. No odors/smells.
  • Brand new high-Grade Aluminum Alloy Case (There are some defects for the case in transportation)
  • Professionally checked and maintained

Price: $899.00. Buyer Pays $49.99 shipping with full insurance for lower 48 states.

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