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Pro. Scandalli Chromatic Accordion, C System, Very Sweet Tuning, Excellent


  • 87 treble buttons, 5 rows, and 120 bass
  • 45 treble notes from Low E High C
  • 4 sets of treble reeds (LMMH, Musette + 20 cents, very wet tuning), and 5 sets of bass reeds
  • 11 treble switches plus a master palm and 5 plus a master bass switches
  • "Mute-On" and "Mute-Off" modulator system that creates a particular mellow and sweet voice
  • Size: 18" X 15" X 9"
  • Weighs 24 lbs


  • Excellent conditions with very bright, deep, mellow, and sweet voices.
  • Mechanically and acoustically perfect. Every note, reed, key, button works perfectly.
  • Tight bellows.  No leaking. No smell
  • The hard case is in excellent condition
  • Brand new Genuine leather 3" elephant shoulder straps
  • Professionally checked and maintained

Price: $2,299.00. Buyer Pays $99.95 shipping with full insurance for lower 48 states.

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