Professional Full Size Accordion, Italian and French Musette Tuning, New 


  • 41 treble keys and 120 bass buttons
  • Two tuning models are available as follows:
  •  Special high quality 4 sets of treble (LMMM Mustte. -5, 0, +15 for the MMM reeds) and 5 sets of bass reeds. Click HERE (MMM) to listen to the sweet sounds.
  • Standard high quality 4 sets of treble (LMMH Mustte. +15 for the MM reeds) and 5 sets of bass reeds. Click HERE (LMMH) and HERE (MMH) to listen to the bright sounds.
  • 13 treble switches plus a palm switch and 5 bass switches plus a master switch
  • All reeds made in Italy
  • The newest technology for the anti-noise and anti-drop bass device 
  • Wood treble keys
  • Professional Genuine Leather Bass Strap and 3" Elephant Shoulder Straps
  • Hard case is included
  • 19 inch keyboard
  • Weighs 25 lbs 


Wireless Electronic Pick-up System

Click HERE to listen to more music of the accordion.

We carry LIFE TIME limited transferable labor and parts warranty

Our PRICE: $1,399.00.  Buyer Pays $59.99 shipping with full insurance for lower 48 states.

The price includes the hard case and the professional genuine leather 3" elephant Shoulder Straps size A. If a buyer needs the shoulder straps size B or C, please add $6.95 or 8.95 to the total respectively.


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